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Folding doors are very practical for tight spaces, as well as providing a decorative touch. Its greatest advantage is the use of existing space by creating integration of interior spaces with open spaces.



Retractable motorized screens appear at the touch of a button and disappear when you don't need them. Perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces, these professionally installed, custom screens give you fresh air, shade from the sun, climate control, insect protection, or a little privacy.

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A pergola is an architectural structure that is generally found outdoors and allows you to enjoy the gardens and exteriors of the house. It is composed of columns on which a beam structure rests, in order to provide shade.
Bioclimatic pergolas are designed to adapt to the changes of the seasons. These pergolas allow the slats not only to move to regulate the amount of light and favor ventilation, they even allow them to be completely closed and prevent the passage of rain.


Las pérgolas Bioclimáticas son pensadas para adaptarse a los cambios de las estaciones. Estas pérgolas, permiten que las lamas no solo se muevan para regular la cantidad de luz y favorecer la ventilación, permiten incluso cerrarse completamente y evitar el paso de la lluvia.


In an architectural and decorative complement perfect for indoor and outdoor environments, using it as a railing.
The aluminum handrail has infinite possibilities and components, which makes it a very versatile system.

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Louvers are a set of fixed or adjustable elements, generally parallel and equidistant, which restrict or allow the flow of ventilation, lighting, design or energy savings.
These can go alone as a privacy or decorative element, they are also found in windows and doors and are extremely useful for their aforementioned characteristics.



Self-locking Aluminum Blinds and Bioclimatic Blinds are the perfect solution when a high level of security is required, such as in commercial premises, jewelers, banks, homes and garages.



Blinds Between Glass offer flexibility in style and are a solution to avoid dust and allergens. Our blinds and shades between glass are a great addition to any home. And with the window blinds hidden between the glass panes, they're protected from dust, damage, and you can rest easy knowing that BBG windows are safer for your children and pets.

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